Middle School Login Guide


There are a lot of log-ins and passwords for Middle School. Use this guide to help.

Power School

Power School is the online grading program that the Middle School uses. Here, parents and students can view progress and grades on assignments for each class. The link to the Power School site is on the school website in the top bar (A round symbol located next to the AR Logo).

Both students and parents have logins and passwords that were given out at Back to School Night or picked up in the office. If you have misplaced your login or password, please contact your teacher.


Every student has a Gmail account through the school. The student’s username should start with the year they graduate (18, 19, 20, etc.) followed by their initials followed by a two digit number @smsbellevue.org

Example: 18dt20@smsbellevue.org

Students were originally assigned the password changeme . Most have probably changed it.

If they are having trouble logging in, please check to make sure they have spelled the “smsbellevue” part of the address correctly. If they still cannot remember the password, please contact the homeroom teacher so we can reset it.

Google Classroom

Many classes use Google Classroom as a way for students to complete and submit assignments online. Many times, a teacher will post a homework assignment on Google Classroom, so the student must log on and view the details of the assignment to complete it.

To access Google Classroom, have the student log into Google using the same username and password as their Gmail account. After doing this, there should be a small 3×3 grid on the top right of the screen. Click on this and select the icon that says “Classroom.” From here, the students can select the specific class (Science, Religion, LA, etc.)

Homework Website

While students write their homework in their planner on a daily basis, teachers also post the homework online. On the school website (smsbellevue.org), click on the Classroom icon at the top of the screen and select Middle School Homework. Bookmark the homework page so that you can access it easily when you need to.

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a way for students to read novels outside of school and then take online tests on those books to assess their comprehension. To take an AR test after completing a book, the student can get to the AR site by clicking on the AR logo on the top of the school website.

For most students, the login is their first initial and then their last name. The password is seraphs.