Social Studies 8 – Civics & US

All Remaining Final Presentations to be presented on Wednesday June 6. All missing work should already be turned in.

Don’t forget to submit your 3 (or 4) questions based on your topic. Due Wednesday 5/30 – responses to Chief John Ross questions in Google Classroom

Due Wednesday 5/23 – Completed Jefferson & Madison Graphic Organizer, completed 1812 Graphic Organizer (circles), and if not completed in class, Election of 1842 Quesions – see Google Classroom.                           WASHINGTON STATE HISTORY PRESENTATIONS BEGIN MAY 29, share questions & slides by 8:30 am on that date

For Tuesday 5/22 – WASHINGTON STATE HISTORY PRESENTATIONS BEGIN ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.  Will you be ready, including the 3 questions about your project?

Due Monday 5/21 – 1.) Have 1812 News Reports ready 2.) Complete any missing work 3.) Keep working on your Washington State History Project

For Thursday  5/10 – Be sure you have read your group’s material about the War of  1812  so you can complete your “Breaking News” preparation

Due Monday 5/7 – If not finished in class on Thursday, complete questions on Lewis & Clark posted in Google Classroom + Washington State History Check In

Wednesday 5/2 – Finish notes about Jefferson & achieving goals. Keep working on Washington State History Project research

For Monday 4/30 – “Election of 1800” (Hamilton) plus Washington & Adams Graphic Organizer

For Wednesday 4/25 – Information for your group mini-presentation on foreign intrigue during the J. Adams presidency

Due Wednesday 4/18 – Complete “Hamilton: Cabinet Battle #2”. Keep working on your Washington State History project (see below) – there will be a progress check in on Thursday 4/19 in  class.

Due Monday 4/16 – Completed “Hamilton Cabinet Battle #1” Worksheet – see Google Classroom.  Keep working on your Washington State History project (see below)

Assigned 4/10 – due 5/24  – Culminating Washington State History Project (slide show, presentation & comic poster). Must meet Standard on this project in order to earn the high school graduation credit required by the State.

Due Thursday 3/29 – See Google Classroom for links to complete worksheet questions on Japanese Internment Camps

Due Tuesday 3/27 – If not completed in class, finish the questions on p. 2 & p. 3 of the newspaper packet on Japanese Internment. Did you already answer the question in Google Classroom and  play “Court Quest” after logging in so that your score records??

For Monday 3/26 – Be sure you have completed  Google Classroom Marbury v Madison. Play iCivics “Court Quest”, using class sign in so that your score is recorded. (And complete the Tinker v. Des Moines questions if you did not do so during class on Friday).

Due Friday 3/23 – see Google Classroom Marbury v Madison

Due Wednesday 3/21 – Complete “Sources of Law” packet with particular focus on the criminal/civil case

Due Tuesday 3/20 – Complete any previous worksheets, also complete the “Judicial Branch In A Flash” packet for Tuesday (no class Monday).

Due Friday 3/2 – If not completed in class, finish “All In A Day’s Work” worksheet. REMINDER: all late and make up work is due by Tuesday 3/6.

REMINDER – Constitution Test Retakes Tuesday 2/27 at Recess/Lunch. Review list of previous homework, all late and make up work is due by Tuesday 3/6

Due Tuesday 2/13 – see Google Classroom – about a bill in Congress

Due Wednesday 2/7 – If not finished in class, complete Article I worksheet (yellow). Also complete the House & Senate worksheet (blue).

Due Monday 2/5 – Respond to question in Google Classroom

Due Thursday 2/1 – Full draft of Skokie Essay – share with mnau

Due Tuesday, 1/30 – Several paragraphs of your Skokie essay, ready for review and editing if needed.

For Friday 1/26 & Monday 1/29 – Work on completing   your draft of your 5 Paragraph Skokie Essay.

For Thursday 1/24 – If you need to complete your Test, come in at Recess THURSDAY. If testing orally on the Preamble, schedule for Thursday or Friday.

TEST Tuesday 1/23/18 – Constitution and Bill of Rights plus know the Preamble. Start reviewing with your Study Guide.

Due 1/17/18 – Bill of Rights Poster. Keep memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution for next week.

For 1/9/18  – Use blue Graphic Organizer worksheet to help prepare your text for use in the Bill of Rights project. Class time is available this week, project is due 1/16/18.

Due Monday 1/8/18 – If not already completed in class, finish the worksheet for “You’ve Got Rights”

Due Thursday 12/14 at the beginning of class – Federalist v Anti Federalist partner project poster & speech. See Google Classroom for details.

Due Monday 12/11  – Federalist #51 Question responses. Due Thursday 12/14 at the beginning of class – Federalist v Anti Federalist partner project poster & speech. See Google Classroom for details.

Due Thursday 12/7 – Complete worksheet comparing Hamilton & Jefferson arguments about adding a Bill of Rights to the Constitution

Due Monday 12/4 – If not completed in class on Friday, finish “Anatomy of the Constitution” worksheet

Due Friday 12/1 – Be sure to complete the Graphic Organizer about the various  plans proposed for a new government.

Due Wednesday 11/29 – If not finished in class, complete Colonial Influences worksheet(s).

Due Tuesday 11/28 – If not already complete , finish Northwest Ordinance worksheet (“We’re Free Let’s Grow”)

Due Monday 11/27 – Complete Northwest Ordinance worksheet (“We’re Free Let’s Grow”)

For Wednesday 11/15 – complete the questions for the presentations shared in class Tuesday

Due Tuesday 11/14  – Group presentation of Revolutionary War Topic BE SURE TO SHARE QUESTIONS!

Due Monday 11/6 – Finish King County election assignment located in Google Classroom Reminder: Make Up Test (Civics & Government) on Tuesday 11/7 during Recess/Lunch

Due Friday 11/3 – After reading the “legal election fraud”`article, write two paragraphs about it. 1st paragraph – explain gerrymandeering, 2nd paragraph – your thoughts

11/2 Be sure to complete recent assignments in Google Classroom. TEST RETAKES Tuesday 11/7 at Recess/Lunch.

Due Monday 10/30 – Main Ideas Ch. 4 if not already turned in. Complete Initiative assignment in Google Classroom. Work on Advisory Vote assignment, also in Google Classroom.

Due Thursday 10/19 – Any of the previous homework not completed

Due Wednesday 10/18 – 1. Complete Sec. C on your half sheet about the Declaration of Independence 2. Complete the Worksheet “Hey, King: Get Off Our Backs!” 3. BONUS worksheet page is optional.

Due Monday 10/16 – Election in YOUR City – see question in Google Classroom, response is due today

For Thursday 10/12 – Complete Study Guide for Review on Thursday. TEST on Friday 10/13. (Don’t forget Google Classroom assignment due Monday, 10/16

For Tuesday 10/10 – See Google Classroom for new assignment. Work on Study Guide for Friday 10/13 TEST

Due Monday 10/9 – Citizen Me! Complete worksheet booklet (and pyramid if not finished in class).

Due Tuesday 10/3 – Citizenship worksheet from packet (be sure to have also completed the graphic organizer).

No Homework due Monday but watch email for Current Event next week.

Due Thursday 9/28 – Continue (newspaper) article analysis. Be sure to bring the worksheet AND the article to class Thursday.

Due Wednesday 9/27 – select a current event news article and bring it (printed) to class Wednesday (published within the past two weeks or so)

Due Monday 9/25 – Read Media handout, then complete Headlines activity page

For Friday 9/22 – Start brainstorming and making choices about your own Sovereign State (use the worksheet). Friday will be a workday for this project.

Due Thursday 9/21 – Complete note taking worksheet (diagram) for “Sovereign State”

Due Wednesday, 9/20 – Complete the worksheet (back side) “Who Rules”

Due Tuesday, 9/18 – Complete the worksheet “Market Economy” (it’s blue, same as the reading packet).