REMOTE LEARNING Middle School Expectations:

  1. Students will check Google Classroom / Calendar regularly and carefully.
  • Teachers will be posting all assignments in Google Classroom.
  • The paper planners remain a useful tool for recording and keeping dates for Zoom meetings as well as recording homework.
  1. Students will attend Homeroom every school day morning.
  • Day opens with prayer and pledge.
  • Important announcements happen here.
  • Question of the day must be completed by 2:30 p.m.
  1. It is the student’s responsibility to attend scheduled Zoom meetings
  • Teachers will take attendance at assigned Zoom meetings during each class period.
  • If your child cannot attend, we need an email from a parent excusing them.
  • Teachers are using that time to present new material or instructions to support upcoming assignments and assessments.
  • Let the teacher know if you are having technical difficulties.
  1. Students must submit their Evidence of Daily Learning each day by 9 p.m. 
  • The teachers will post in Classroom each morning what is required for that day.
  • It is not enough to just hit “Turn In” in Google Classroom without attaching the required Evidence of Daily Learning.
  1. PowerSchool will be updated to show the Evidence of Daily Learning.
  • PowerSchool access information will be sent home soon.
  • Please note: PowerSchool is the official record of missing work.  Please check there for your student’s grades and missing assignments.
  • Teachers will update PowerSchool weekly for daily assignments.  Major assessments may take up to 2 weeks to be entered.
  • Late work will be graded as time provides.

Zoom Etiquette:

  1. Be on time.  The teachers will open the Zoom room a few minutes before the start of class.

Suggestion: Have a routine each day: wake up at the same time each day, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, got to the bathroom….and maybe….even pack a lunch!!

  1. Be prepared:
  • Be dressed – you are not required to be in uniform, but you should generally follow the non-uniform day policies.  No pajamas.
  • Have a desk or table to work at that is free from distraction. You will learn best with a firm surface to write and good lighting.
  • Have all your supplies needed for class:  paper, pen, pencils, books, and other supplies required for certain classes. Organize them in your workspace so they are ready for each class you attend.
  1. Camera on unless permission is granted by the teacher.
  • Appropriate virtual backgrounds are okay as long as they don’t interfere with learning – keep the same background during class.
  • Use the tools in Zoom.
    • . Mute your microphone when appropriate.
  • Use the “Hand Raised” signal to let the teacher know you have a question or contribution.
  • Use the chat feature for class questions or comments.  Do not spam the chat.
  1. Food and drink are okay unless they interfere with your learning.
  2. Bathroom breaks are always allowed.  You will want to send a private chat to your teacher to let them know you will be back shortly. 6
  3. No gaming, texting or non-school activities should be happening during class.  Your focus should be on your learning.. 7
  4. No taking screenshots or photos of your Zoom class.  No images of Zoom class should be distributed.  Do not post photos or send messages with photos of Zoom class.