Dear 7th Grade Parents: 

Welcome to our 1ST month in 6th Grade; 2022! Well, we made it through an interesting SUMMER of mask wearing and social distancing, and hopefully ready for all the wonderful things we will continue to learn together this fall about your child’s 6th grade year.  So now, you may take a few quick breaths, and prepare for a busy month ahead, as well as a few important items below, that you may wish to add to your SEPT. CALENDAR!

     Hello Parents, and welcome to the 1STedition of the 6th grade Newsette. This is a monthly newsletter to help keep you informed of all the wonderful news happening in 6th grade land throughout the year.

     Each newsletter consists of monthly calendar items, housekeeping items, important news to share and noteworthy subject information of those things we are covering in each subject, as well as discussing certain projects and their due dates. 

So, let’s get on with the news!!


For further dates and information on class activities, assignments, and projects, please check the calendar link on my home page.   **Power School will be updated at the end of each week in all subject areas, so please make sure that you and your child log in to keep yourself current with their progress!

For Information regarding Room Parent Volunteer Commitments or Opportunities, please contact, our Room Parent. Call the school office for contact information.


****If your child misses a day of school, he/she has 2 days for every day they missed to complete the absent work. For example: if Bob is absent on Monday and returns Wednesday, his missed work is due the following Monday in class.  Also, as our school policy states, if a need arises to contact your child during the school day, whether it be to pick them up for an appointment, leave a message, bring a lunch or another item from home, please leave these items at the school office and the office will notify me. I will make sure that these important items are brought to my room the same day to deliver to your child.  All absent work can also be picked up that same day, by 3:00—–and will be brought either to the school office for you to pick up, or sent home with a sibling or another student. Just let me know what works best for your schedule.

  1. Please make sure your child is using their student planner during the week to copy from the class white board their daily assignments. This organizational tool is key to their future success in their middle school classes.
  2. Progress Reports in Power School are always on line to view each week with your child. Please use these grading periods as a time to discuss with your child areas of strengths and improvements to use as a gauge for the rest of the trimester.
  3. Please make sure your child has all their supplies updated on a regular basis, including, markers, notebook paper, folders, glue sticks, pens(blue or black and red), pencils, colored pencils, calculators, etc. **All of their teachers will thank them, and you!!

*****Be sure to check my “6th Grade Daily Homework” link on my website homepage for project dates and other activities each month!

  • All students in 6th grade will be writing with a pen(EXCEPT FOR MATH) for all written work, or on the computer turned in and done in Google Classroom. 
  • Thank you to those parents who volunteer to help as room parents during the year at various activities. I’m sure with all of your wonderful support, the children will experience some fun and exciting opportunities throughout the year.
  • Each day, your child needs to make sure he/she has a reading book to read in class, whether it is from home or the library. This book may also count for AR points during the month.
  • Make sure to cover all hardback books with either a paper bag, or soft cover. Students will each receive a number that is assigned to them that will correspond to all book numbers.
  • Make sure to also supply your child with a backpack or bag for them to carry their books and other homework items to bring home each night.
  • PE day is ONE DAY EACH WEEK. Since it is part of our SMS dress code, please make sure that your child is wearing the SMS PE uniform(SMS shirt and sweatpants) and appropriate shoes to school. 

Important Items that are Noteworthy:

  • Thank you for the great support in helping organize your child each week with their Binder and checking their weekly corrected work handed out each week.
    Down the road, we will all see the benefits of all the time spent in this organizational piece to 6th grade. Kudos to you all!!
  • For all important matters that may come up during the year with your concerns with school or family, please either phone me at school and leave a message or write me a note. I ask that e-mails be of lighter issues concerning matters that do not need immediate responses, or just to let me know facts like when your child will not be at school or other issues along those same lines. I appreciate your support in this communication.


The following will give you a brief update of what is happening for each subject that I teach during the month of SEPT. For additional information, please check the St. Madeleine’s Website for another teacher’s subject area.

****Students will be logging on to the Star Assessment program for a review of Math and Reading skills for the year.   Here are the weeks/dates for the year for our Star Assessments in both Math and Reading:

  • Trimester One–September/October
  • Trimester Two–January/February
  • Trimester Three-April/May

READING: We will read a few stories from our NEW Reading Text Book in Unit 1 & 2, and work on various reading skills that include comprehension, vocabulary, main idea and higher level thinking skills.  

The students should also be reading daily (15-20 minutes each day at home), including silent reading done in class) towards their recommended AR Points each Trimester.  **This Year, the total recommended AR points will be: 60 Points; that’s 20 Points each Trimester!

WRITING:  We will be working on our creative writing skills, as well as the 6 Traits of Writing, and other writing activities around sentence and paragraph structure, and using basic grammar correctly in our writing. 

 We will also continue our WRITING COURSE from last year for all students to focus exclusively on grammar and writing skills. In this course, we will weave the concepts covered in the grammar class into our daily writing.

Well, I think the SEPT. Newsette has run out of news…..until next month.  I just want all of you to know how fortunate and blessed I am to have the opportunity to help guide your child, with you as partners, through this new year. 

Here’s to a positive and most continued productive year together. I wish to thank you for all that you do for your child’s educational journey. Since you are their primary teachers, I’m honored to be on the same team!

Blessings to all of you, and may 2022 continue to be filled with much health, happiness, and peace.

May God be with you,  and many blessings this FALL season….                    Thanks for taking your precious time to read!

Take care,
Ms. Macy Bruneel🙂