7th Grade Handbook

Ms. Bruneel’s Seventh Grade Classroom Handbook


  • Introduction
  • Classroom Expectations
  • Schedule
  • Snack/Time/lunch/Birthdays
  • Communication
  • Homework and Organization


7th grade is wonderful year filled with growth and exciting new learning experiences for your child. I am grateful for this opportunity to work with your child. 

Classroom Expectations

Students can achieve at their highest level in a positive environment where they feel safe, and can enjoy learning while challenging behaviors to be positive for all. This type of environment can be achieved when there are firm classroom expectations in place. These are the four behavior expectations required in our classroom at all times:

  • Help Others
  • Set a POSITIVE example
  • Take care of others, the environment, and yourself
  • Support EVERYONE’S best learning

These four expectations follow the vision of our SMS School’s SLE’S:

  • SERVE: How Can I help?
  • LEAD: How can I set a positive example?
  • LOVE: How can I show respect for others, the environment, and myself?
  • LEARN: how can I support my best learning(academically, socially and spiritually)?

I strongly believe that positive reinforcement is the most effective tool in behavioral classroom management. Positive consequences may result:

  • Teacher Praise – Verbally and positive notes sent home via e-mail!
  • Coffee Bean Tournament – Each class will work together to earn coffee beans by following our classroom expectations. The class with the most points at the end of each month earns a free period and the class with the most by the end of the year earns a pizza party!
  • SLE Award – Nominated by teacher and awarded at the end of every month during mass.

With that being said, there are also consequences for making negative choices:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. 2nd Warning/Student Reflection Sheet & Action Plan w/Ms. Bruneel
  3. Conference with Administrator(Principal, Vice Principal, or Inclusion Director

General Information 

Snack Time/Lunch/Recess

  • Snack time will be from 10:18-10:38 each day up in the social hall. Please send a healthy snack with your child each day. Your child is also encouraged to bring a water bottle to school that they can refill, and make sure their name is clearly marked on the water bottle. **No pop is allowed at school.
  • Recess will be from 12:05-12:35, with Lunch following from 12:40-1: 05. Students have the option to bring a sack lunch from home, or purchase their lunch at school. The options are: hot lunch for the day, a salad, or a bagel lunch.
  • We eat lunch in the school social hall each day with Grades 5-8.


  • We will celebrate your child’s special day in our classroom. If they would like to share treats with the class, please let me know in advance so we can arrange what day/time would be best for them to be shared and celebrated. Please also bring the treats completely prepared and ready to eat, as well as bringing enough in for the whole class. If your child’s birthday falls on a non-school day or during the summer, we can arrange a day throughout the school year to celebrate as well. (Please let me know in advance if possible).
  • Also, remember, if you are not inviting all of the students in the class, or all boys or all girls to a birthday party, please do not send the invitations to school. Make sure your child also does not discuss their party at school.


  • E-mail is the most efficient way to communicate with me throughout the year to answer any questions, concerns, or to set up an appointment to discuss any information that will help to ensure your child having a successful year in 6th grade. I will have information and additional resources available on my website as well as my Google Classrooms, and will also continue to keep you updated throughout the year to keep you informed.

Power School

  • Power School is the on-line that SMS uses for our grading program grades Pre-k to 8. Parents have access to Power School to check their student’s grades and missing assignments. Students have access as well, having their own access cod and log-on information. I update Power School regularly each week, so by each Friday, feel free to log-on and check your child’s updated progress. Please refer to Power School for updated grades and any missing or incomplete assignments. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding grades and assignments. 

Homework and Organization

  • We will be using a homework planner to help students organize their homework and become more responsible.  Your child is expected to use his/her planner to keep track of upcoming assignments, projects, and tests. The planner should help students plan things out.  Students should also list their extra-curricular activities in the planners to help them see how to allocate their after-school time.
  • The homework planner does not need to be signed by parents (but will be signed by myself every day), however if you feel like this or something else may be helpful for your child in gaining organization skills, I would be happy to help in this area.  Please assist your child at home by helping your child review his/her homework planner each night.  Homework will be assigned as the week unfolds. Homework will be posted in the room and on each teacher’s Google Classroom to assist parents in checking their child’s planner. Please keep in mind that the expectation for seventh graders is to be actively using their planners, and that the website is really intended for parents, not students.
  • Students in 7th grade will be learning a great deal about organization this year. They will be learning to organize their lockers, binders, and other important items. You can help assist them by helping them keep things organized at home, checking planners, and their binders regularly. It is important to have all papers, etc. remains in their binders, as we may refer to them in the future. We will clean binders out periodically throughout the year, subject by subject, as we finish a theme or unit. Thank you for your assistance in this area!

Wondering what a typical night’s homework should look like?

  • Language Arts- writing assignments & read 20+ minutes
  • Math-Around 20 minutes of a worksheet or workbook sent home.
  • Religion-practice review 6th Grade prayers
  • Social Studies/Science—assignments vary

(Below are other activities to do… not necessarily every night)

  • Writing-Encourage your student to practice their creative writing or paragraph writing skills. A great way to do this is to have students write about their artwork or write a letter to a family member.
  • Social Studies-Stay up to date on current events. Subscribe your child to an appropriate magazine or website that includes articles for and about kids! Check out Time News for Kids, Muse or National Geographic Kids. Articles are a great way to get reading practice, and can lead to amazing conversations!
  • Science—Enhance your child’s learning by trying some experiments on the concepts they are studying each week.

Here’s to a great year of learning together!