7th Grade Weekly News

       Slide21Important Announcements:

Quick School Reminders: Don’t forget a healthy snack and a lunch or lunch money. Do you have all of your uniform pieces? How about the PE uniform?
Week of: —March 25-29
3/25—Regular schedule
3/26–regular schedule
3/27-mass 9:00/regular schedule
3/2–8regular schedule



Notes for the week of —March 25-29

Here is a list of upcoming events to keep in mind:

  1. Its that time of year again… students may be getting the change of season cold! Please help us all out by ensuring your child gets enough sleep, washes their hands, and stays home to recover if they become sick. Thanks!

Upcoming Events:-Holy Week–April 15-19

  • March 11-June 14–3rd Trimester
  • EASTER—April 21–Sunday
  • Spring Break–April 22-26
  • Thanks, as always, for your continued support this year!
Have a great week!:):))::)