Social Studies 8 – Civics & US

Due Thursday 10/19 – Any of the previous homework not completed

Due Wednesday 10/18 – 1. Complete Sec. C on your half sheet about the Declaration of Independence 2. Complete the Worksheet “Hey, King: Get Off Our Backs!” 3. BONUS worksheet page is optional.

Due Monday 10/16 – Election in YOUR City – see question in Google Classroom, response is due today

For Thursday 10/12 – Complete Study Guide for Review on Thursday. TEST on Friday 10/13. (Don’t forget Google Classroom assignment due Monday, 10/16

For Tuesday 10/10 – See Google Classroom for new assignment. Work on Study Guide for Friday 10/13 TEST

Due Monday 10/9 – Citizen Me! Complete worksheet booklet (and pyramid if not finished in class).

Due Tuesday 10/3 – Citizenship worksheet from packet (be sure to have also completed the graphic organizer).

No Homework due Monday but watch email for Current Event next week.

Due Thursday 9/28 – Continue (newspaper) article analysis. Be sure to bring the worksheet AND the article to class Thursday.

Due Wednesday 9/27 – select a current event news article and bring it (printed) to class Wednesday (published within the past two weeks or so)

Due Monday 9/25 – Read Media handout, then complete Headlines activity page

For Friday 9/22 – Start brainstorming and making choices about your own Sovereign State (use the worksheet). Friday will be a workday for this project.

Due Thursday 9/21 – Complete note taking worksheet (diagram) for “Sovereign State”

Due Wednesday, 9/20 – Complete the worksheet (back side) “Who Rules”

Due Tuesday, 9/18 – Complete the worksheet “Market Economy” (it’s blue, same as the reading packet).