Social Studies 7 – Middle Ages

Due Thursday 10/19 – Finish Charlemagne & Viking Worksheet SKIP THE TIMELINE FOR NOW!  Europe Map Quiz Friday 10/20

Due Wednesday 10/18 – List Charlemagne’s accomplishments

Due Tuesday 10/17 – Dark Ages paragraphs

Due Monday 10/16 – European Map & Questions. (Dark Ages paragraphs not due until Tuesday 10/17)

For Thursday 10/12 – Study for TEST!! Europe Map not due until Monday, 10/19

Due Tuesday 10/10 – p. 32 #9 & 10 all parts.. Continue working on your Study Guide for TEST on Thursday 10/12

Due Monday 10/9 – Ottoman Worksheet Questions. Continue working on Study Guide for TEST on Thursday 10/12.

For Wednesday 10/4– Continue in class reading and answering worksheet questions for Ottoman Empire. Begin work on Study Guide for TEST on Thursday 10/12.

Due Tuesday 10/3 – Complete Timeline of Islamic Expansion. Answer #1(a & b) on pg. 30

Due Monday 10/2 – Five Pillars of Wisdom Poster. Class Workday on Thursday 9/28. Continue to read and research material & images for your poster.

Due Wednesday 9/27 – Complete the Monotheism Graphic Organizer

No homework due Tuesday 9/26

For Monday 9/25 – Read section on Bedouins p. 24-25.

Due Friday, 9/22 – Key Terms p. 18 Use each in a complete sentence that demonstrates the meaning of the word.

No Homework tonight, but BONUS (not required) – write the Roman Numerals from 1 – 100. Turn in Thursday, 9/21

Due Wednesday 9/20 – Finish outline of Sec. 2 (Islam) p. 18-23        BONUS (not required) – write the Roman Numerals from 1 – 100.

Due Tuesday 9/19 – If not finished in class, complete the questions on the Theodora worksheet. Also complete your paragraph explaining the division of the Christian church between East and West in the Byzantine era. Remember to refer to the (blue) chart on p. 17 in your book.